viernes, 7 de marzo de 2014

Spring is almost here

     Because spring is around I decided to wear this look and although it's still black, is definitely one of my favorite colors for all seasons, the perfect sensual, practical friend that is never gonna to let you down. Once again this shoot was taken in the Meatpacking District and today as promised I am going to tell you guys my favorite places to have brunch and dinner, the hidden little places that as soon as you walk in you can get the feeling of being a New Yorker.
   My favorite place to brunch is called Bubby's theres one in Meatpacking and another one in Tribeca, I usually stop by the Tribeca because I love the neighborhood (stay tuned for our  next shoot held there!) Another excellent place that never let us down is the brunches at the Standard hotel also in the Meatpack.
  To have dinner my favorite place to have sushi is called Blue Ribbon I go there all the time it's in Soho, ABC kitchen-cuisine is a fusion between american and french place where the kitchen and the decoration makes it so special, great place that you can't miss! And last but not least if you want to go to a fancy and beautiful place try the Mondrian Hotel for a dreamy and romantic dinner!
                                                      Thanks for the love as always   

     Por fin la primavera esta llegando a Nueva York! Por eso mismo decidí usar un mono negro que a pesar de ser el color clásico, definitivamente nunca falla. Una vez mas hicimos fotos en el Barrio Meatpacking justamente porque tiene de los mejores lugares para almorzar desayunar o cenar! Mi lugar preferido para desayunar es definitivamente Bubby's un lugar que une gente muy trendy y un ambiente imperdible, también el desayuno en el hotel Standard es uno de mis favoritos con vistas al rio un lugar muy recomendable. Para cenar, es depende que les gusta pero si están buscando sushi, Blue Ribbon no los va a decepcionar es un pequeño restaurante escondido en Soho, ABC kitchen and cuisine es una fusion entre americano y francés es otro de mis lugares imperdibles, la música el ambiente y la gente hacen que estos lugares los hagan sentirse como un verdadero New Yorker. Si están buscando algo romántico el hotel Mondrian ofrece uno de los lugares mas íntimos en la gran manzana con unos platos super elaborados!
                                                                                Gracias por tanto amor 

                                                          Photography by: Nikki Aileen

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  1. Great look! Your blog is lovely!
    Following you!

  2. that dress looks stunning on you!
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

  3. What a great outfit! Perfect for spring. You look lovely :)


  4. oh man i'd love to go to nyc one day!
    great pics and outfit

    1. I'm sure you'll come soon :) you are gonna love it ♡ Thank you!